From 1 shirt to 1000 we can do it.


Digital Printing or Sublimation

Screen Printing

Use this equation:

X=Row (Shirt Quantity)
x = multiply
Y=Column (Number of Print Colors)

X x Y = Total Print Price
(Example: 145 (shirts) x $2.65 (3 Color Print) = $384.25 Total)

Price Guide reflects cost per side, each additional print (back/sleeve/etc.) is an additional cost.

Light colored shirts can be printed up to 6 colors.

Darker colored shirts can be printed up to 5 colors. ***6 if white is a color in art work***

Basic T-Shirt Prices 

Prices will fluctuate due to quantities, sizes, and colors. 

American Apparel: $5-7 per piece
Alternative Apparel: $5-7 per piece
Canvas + Bella: $4-6 per piece
Anvil Ringspun: $3-5 per piece
Gildan: $3-5 per piece


Basic 6oz 15×16: $2.25-$2.50 per piece
Heavy Duty 12oz 15×16: $2.75-$3.00 per piece
10oz 15x15x4 with the bottom gusset: $3.25-$3.50 per piece
Jumbo 12oz 20x15x5 with bottom gusset: $4.50-$4.75 per piece

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